I’m Baaaaaack! (I hope)

Published May 6, 2015 by TristaLynn

So it has been awhile since I have blogged and even the last one was a single blog in a drought. So I REALLY want to get back into it again. I have one hundred, million ideas that I could start with, but I feel a little structure may help me stay on this and blog like I really want to. So a friend of mine pinned a “30 Day Challenge” on Pintrest with this to write about, I think it may be for a journal, but I think it is absolutely great for a blog.

So let’s get to it.

Day 1: Five Ways to Win My Heart

  1. Okay, so people throw around “I Love You,” like it is nothing. I to am guilty of this, and I don’t mean with friends, I am talking when my husband and I run out of things to say “I Love You,” is a very common path into conversation again. Even the nightly ritual of “I Love You,” is just that, a ritual. The way to my heart are those candid, cannot look away, sigh when you say it, and mean it from the bottom of your toes, “I Love You.” Those times after you do something super exciting or scary and you look over and you just feel overwhelming amounts of love for that person and you just want them to know. Or even better when you walk into the room and see that person doing something they do everyday and you just stop and let that love wash over you, and you want to express it. The times when you say “I Love You,” for more than just a filler or ritual. When you say it because you desperately want that person to know.
  2. That look in his eyes when I KNOW, when I know he loves me, I know he wants me, I know he is attracted to me. You know that look, the look they write about in every good love story.
  3. Surprise visits. I love when a friend or loved one stops in to see me at work. Usually work is stressful and crazy, but there is nothing like that moment when you turn the corner and see a special someone smiling back at you.
  4. Holding my hand, just grabbing it. At any point in time and just holding it.
  5. Thoughtful inexpensive gifts, ranging from my favorite coffee or candy, to a new season of my favorite show, or a T-shirt that I may like.

When it comes down to it, I need meaning, love, and to be shown this. Those are my favorite things and the way to my heart.

I want to know what everyone else has to say, if maybe someone goes a different direction or maybe if someone has something better!!

All my love!! 😉


It has been over a year…

Published January 26, 2015 by TristaLynn

First off, I need to apologize. It has been over a year since I have written on here. I missed it quite a bit, but the first year of a child’s life is hectic to say the least.
Boy, how my life has changed. About a year ago today this was me..


Just about to pop…..

I was due sometime in February, I know it is bad, but I can’t even remember now. I want to say February 13th…

My legs were swollen so bad I couldn’t even bend them to a 90 degree angle, you couldn’t see my kneecap by lunch, and shoes? Ha what a joke! My tennis shoes, minus the shoelaces were all that fit.

I was miserable and my doctor, although she never said, I think was slightly worried. Everything else was just fine; blood pressure, heart rate, the baby’s stats, all good.

So my doctor offered to induce me early….I was all too happy to meet my little angel.

I checked into the hospital at 5 A.M. No contractions, no water breaking, just me checking in calm and tired. I didn’t face the horrific water breaking in public or having to clean the mess up. I didn’t almost have my baby on the way to the hospital. I didn’t have terrible contractions. I still don’t even know what normal contractions feel like!

I was induced and in labor by 630. For almost 12 hours I was in labor. I am sorry to all you mommas that pushed through terrible, painful, excruciating labors, I felt contractions for all of 3 minutes?

Apparently, I had been contracting for about a month, normal. I had just thought it was my little one kicking me!

Even after I was induced I felt nothing….until they broke my water.

OH. MY. GOD. Then I felt contractions.

But then, the angel with my epidural showed up and like magic….nothing…. amazingness.

This went on for a while longer. My nurse staff was wonderful and kept me calm even when I couldn’t move from my side because my contractions had begun to come too often, I think it was like 5 every 10 minutes and I was not dilating past 6″.

So, as calmly as possible they explained that my doctor would probably want a C-section because we weren’t progressing. This was at about 6 P.M. I immediately start crying because this is never good.

Emergency C-Section. Yikes.

They were so calm and they got me to the room so quickly and like it was no big deal. The Anesthesiologists were super amazing getting me prepped, I am still crying. My husband is waiting for them to get me prepped so he can come in….

He tells me later that my doctor came RUNNING IN AND THREW HER PURSE AT SOMEBODY…..it was that serious. I had NO idea!!

The cord was wrapped around my babies neck and the contractions were intense. Anytime they moved me from my right side her heart beat slowed down and they couldn’t hear it. She was also at an impossible angle to deliver vaginally.

So it begins. They cut into me and I am just laying there trying to stay calm and watching the clock, because that is about all I can see. At 6:40 P.M. I heard my little angel cry.

I will tell you there is nothing like hearing your first child cry for the very first time. I started bawling and I am not sure I stopped until we were back in my room, baby in my arms, everything sewed back up.

It was an emotional labor/delivery, but I have to tell you, I can’t imagine an easier way to have a baby.

I am lucky.

I had NO pain during contractions(minus the 3 minutes), I had no pain during the C-section, I had no pain after. They kept offering me pain killers and I kept turning them down. I didn’t need them….I am super lucky.

Also, I had this beautiful baby girl,

IMG_1247 IMG_1251 IMG_1253 IMG_1254

Absolutely gorgeous.

Madilyn Juliet, my little princess.

She was such an amazing newborn. We did co-sleep or whatever you want to call it. I did breastfeed and it made it a lot easier, plus…..she slept like 12 hours at a time and didn’t wake up a lot of the time. We got all kinds of sleep. The doctor even said, she was gaining weight just fine, we were getting sleep, and she was a happy baby.

She is still a happy baby, and almost 1 year old. She now sleeps in her own bed and is perfect…

IMG_1261 IMG_1291 IMG_1340 IMG_1377  Mads Mads2 Mads3 Mads4 Mads5 Mads6 Mads7 Mads8 Mads9 Mads10

Just a few of my favorites 🙂

Sweet dreams you wonderful people!

5 Month Belly Bump

Published September 28, 2013 by TristaLynn

Today we went shopping for bras… my normal B cup bras weren’t cutting it any longer. We went to Victoria’s Secret where they measured me at a 32DD…. like really?? I ended up with 34D instead.

Is what I really love is when people, like the clerk at Victoria’s Secret asks how far along I am and I tell them 5 months and they go,

“Oh, you’re so tiny!”

Thank you once again to you lovely lady!



Also I do not have the appetite of a pregnant woman. You always see pregnant women on TV and hear about pregnant women eating non-stop, the whole eating for two thing. Not I, I never really feel hungry or full. I go from hmmm my stomach hurts aybe I should eat? directly to I feel miserable and I cannot breathe without my mind telling me to eat or to stop eating.

But I don’t eat much, I love the smell of food, but my stomach doesn’t hold much anymore.

Doctor hasn’t said anything about it, so I guess I’m doing okay!

“Best Friends”

Published September 25, 2013 by TristaLynn

A wedding is a beautiful thing and is supposed to be the best day a a person’s life. Mine absolutely was I picked the perfect man, the perfect dress, the perfect place, the perfect day…

One part of the “perfect day” is who you have standing by your side, and for that matter one part of a great, even good life, is who is standing beside you. By this I mean your wedding party.

My girls:

K MOH, D BM1, B BM2, M BM3.

This wasn’t the original line up: was supposed to be H MOH, K BM1, D BM2, M BM3


H. and I met in class, it was friend at first sight. We hit it off right away and were pretty much inseparable after. We only got into a few tiffs nothing big. I asked her to be my MOH because she gets me. We have our adventures and we cheer each other up.

H. was a middle child, older sister, then older brother, then her, followed by her younger sister.

I asked her to be my MOH she gratefully accepted. She went with me when I picked out my dress and when we looked at dresses for the bridesmaids.

One time while I was trying to get my group together for another go at trying to find dresses she told me she didn’t think she could afford to be in my wedding. I offered to pay for her dress and she could pay me back, but she said she was sorry. I was a mess that day.

Some back story: Her older sister was married with a baby. The summer of 2012, the summer of my wedding, was the same summer her older brother and younger sister also got married.

Maybe she couldn’t afford it?

So the line up was then K-MOH, D-BM1, M BM2, and BM3??

I found another girl to be my bridesmaid #3 and she lived in the same city as me, none of the other girls did, so it worked out great.

Fast forward to today: H. and I are great friends, as are I and D. and B. M. was my brother’s current gf, who is now ex so we do not keep in contact for the most part.


The girls and I minus D.


This is D and I.

Friends come and go. Best friends find their way through the darkness to find you.

Seriously need some help…

Published September 23, 2013 by TristaLynn

Okay I am lazy, yes I admit it, but I try hard to eat healthy but convenience is an issue. Being almost 5 months pregnant I worry more now about eating healthy.

I need some ideas on healthy food choices for mornings when I am running out the door. I have considered making breakfast burritos with egg whites and turkey sausage that I can freeze and microwave quickly before running out the door.


any other ideas would be appreciated!

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